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5 things translators do, but won’t admit


Oct 2017

5 things translators do, but won’t admit

Professional translators are an easy going bunch. We love what we do (well, most of the time) and pride ourselves in our craft, knowledge and abilities to build bridges between people and businesses. Still, even experienced professional translators aren’t perfect (although some may strongly disagree) and while we may never admit it, we too indeed […]


Sep 2017

How Language Evolution Affected Translations

In Culture & Lifestyle By admin

The Evolution of Language Translations Language translation can be extremely methodical and accurate in the modern age. In fact, with time, even machines are getting better at auto-translation. In the past however, communication between people speaking different languages was fraught with difficulty. Some things have not changed. For example, early European explorers travelling to far-flung lands […]


Aug 2017

Quality Control in The Translation Process

Quality Control in The Translation Process   In majority of cases, an accurate and reliable translation of documents can be critical. The quality assurance process adopted by a language translation agency handling the project is therefore a crucial factor in the quality of service they deliver, and consequently, the quality of your translation. In order […]

6 things to consider when choosing a translation supplier


Jun 2017

6 things to consider when choosing a translation supplier

Looking for a translation agency? Here’s what you must consider   Due to globalisation, developments in technology, migration and international business expansion, the translation sector today is one of the fastest developing industries. Nowadays, it is easier than ever for businesses and organisations to approach foreign markets with their products and services and what even 10 […]

Are Machines Stealing Your Job: How AI Is Impacting The Translation Industry?


May 2017

Are Machines Stealing Your Job: How AI Is Impacting The Translation Industry?

Should language translators be concerned about their future careers? With the increase in automated machine translation tools and the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, language translation agencies look set to replace linguists with technology. But that may not necessarily be the case. Whereas machine learning poses a threat to a growing number of industries, artificial […]

What does the future of the translation industry look like?


May 2017

What does the future of the translation industry look like?

In Technology By admin

  Future of translation services Technology is changing practically all aspects of the world at a phenomenal rate. And the translation industry is no exception. Up to now, digital technologies have gifted linguists unprecedented freedoms and language translation is featured in the best top ten careers. But what does the future hold for the language […]


Mar 2017

How can translation services support a financial business?

In many cases, the financial sector revolves around numbers, rather than words. So, can translation services still play an important role within this fast paced industry? Certainly! Financial services, even now, during the political uncertainly, remain one of the strongest and fastest growing UK industries. Being able to smoothly communicate with people from around the […]


Oct 2016

Do I Need Certified Document Translation Services?

That is a complicated question, really. The best way to answer it in your case will be to first understand what certified document translation really is, see what kind of situations it is commonly used in, and what benefits it provides – both for you and for whoever has requested translations of your documents. We’ll […]


Sep 2016

Localisation vs. Translation – what’s the difference?

  Website translation and localisation are often used so interchangeably, that the line between the two became somewhat blurred out for many. What’s even worse, many marketers and other professionals believe that the translation and localisation processes are exactly the same. While both of the processes, to an extent, share some similarities, it is essential […]


Jun 2016

Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Target Market Overseas?

  The internet is opening cross-border trading at an exponential rate. Yet problems arising from a neglect to acknowledge subtle differences in language and culture have detrimental consequences for international traders. There is a case in point that international audiences enthusiastically embrace brands and products they consider exotic or will give them bragging rights. But […]

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