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Advertising Translation


Advertising translations is a branch of our marketing translation services and it is critical for businesses that attempt to target international markets. You might have great slogans or advertising material but these elements might not be appropriate for some particular markets.

Advertising translations need to be spot on a with much research done before hand. Many big names such as Coca-Cola and Chevrolet that have got this wrong because there their marketer’s knowledge about the target market and language was limited. Advertising translations requires a deep understanding of the target culture that is why Translation Services 24 only works with experienced in-country native translators that are culturally up-to date.

Advertising Translation Services

In some cases, companies prefer to have a global marketing and advertising strategy order to maintain a consistent brand image. Nevertheless, this strategy can be risky because consumer behaviour is highly influenced by local culture. On the top of that images that can seem attractive in some countries might be offensive for others.

Advertising material attempts to create an emotional engagement with prospective customers. More than a formal translation, this field involves localization and a real flair for figurative language to be able to adapt metaphors and figures of speech.

Our Advertising Translation Services Include…

•    Slogans and Tag-lines•    Packaging and Labelling
•    Corporate Messages •    Brochures
•    Internet Advertising•    Market Research


Advertising Translation Expertise

Localization of advertising campaigns should take into consideration the cultural context of the target country including the socio-cultural and politico-legal components. Advertising translators should be aware of these elements and undertake the role of mediators between different cultures.

Advertising translation can make the difference between success and failure in your attempt to conquer the global market. Our translation company understands the relevance of advertising translation and to keep our high standard of service we only recruit the most experienced and skilled native translators.

Brand Translation

Branding is one of the most relevant processes of a marketing strategy because if you don’t get it right, it will be more difficult to persuade the public about the benefits of your product. The brand name should be conceptually according to the product or service offered. It also should be culturally suitable to the target locale.

Some years ago, Chevrolet launched a pick-up called Chevy Nova. The model name works very well in for the Anglo-Saxon market. The problem started when the company decide to introduce the new vehicle in South America where the mother tongue of the majority of the countries is Spanish. Nova (no va) means “it doesn’t go” in Spanish. That is hardly a good selling point for a car manufacturer.

Our translation agency realizes exhaustive research before translating and localising brand names. Quick Lingo marketing translators work to bring your potential market the best marketing concepts by navigating the native languages, the culture and local business practices.

Translation Services 24 provides brand and advertising translation services in over 150 languages worldwide. Each translation goes under a double check stage plus an additional proof-reading.

To learn more about our advertising translation services or free consultation, call us on +44 (0) 208 677 3775 or send us an email.


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