Danish translation services

Danish translation services

Translation Services 24 is one of the fastest-growing and leading providers of professional translation services in the UK. At Translation Services 24, we make sure to tailor our approach to every single project, as we believe each one of our clients is unique. Their satisfaction is our priority.

Our professional translators are carefully chosen. We make sure to have native professional translators for each language we offer, that are specialized in every sector we cover. This way, the quality of the work is guaranteed, and each project gets a tailored approach by the right assigned translator according to the target language, the type of document and the sector it is related to.

What we offer:

  • Professional, native Danish translators with sector expertise
  • Reliability, accuracy and services tailored to your specific needs
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Assigned dedicated project managers
  • Officially certified translations


Our professional translators don’t just translate words; they localise them. Every language is different, unique and complex in its own way, which is why it is almost impossible to translate messages word-for-word and keep their exact meaning. Literal translations are just not enough to translate documents accurately without altering their intended message, which is why we give so much importance to the adaptation of every translation.

When translating marketing materials or websites for example, certain cultural factors must be considered to maintain their efficiency. Slogans are hard to translate literally, as rhymes and wordplays are what make them unique and have to be adapted to each language.

We therefore make sure every single document we take care of is carefully localised and adapted to the target language, as well as the culture that comes with it.

Sector expertise

Translating specific materials requires knowledge and experience in the related field and being aware of specific technical terms, notions and procedures is essential. Being fluent in a language is not enough on its own. Whether it is medical or legal translations, marketing materials or website translations, it is vital to have experience and to know about the sector and the industry to translate professional materials accurately and appropriately.

We therefore make sure to have specialized professional translators for every sector we cover and to assign the right ones to each project. This way, the reliability of the translations is guaranteed.

Facts about the Danish language

Danish is the official language of Denmark but also of the Faroe Islands, and one of the official languages in Greenland.

It derived from Old Norse and is a North Germanic language from the Indo-European family.

It is also present in Northern Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, as well as other countries where minorities speak it. There are currently about 6 million Danish speakers in total.

The Danish language is closely related to Norwegian and Swedish (which derived from Old Norse as well) to the point where all three of them are mutually intelligible. However, they are all distinct standardized languages, not dialects.

There are 29 letters in the alphabet used for the Danish language. It includes vowels that have no equivalent in English, and some of the letters are only used in foreign loanwords.

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