Dutch Translation Services

Dutch Translation Services

Translation Services 24 is a leading translation agency offering professional Dutch translation services. We provide our services to a variety of clients including, London based SMEs to large multinational corporations and in an array of industries. We are established as a market leader and one of the fastest growing translation companies offering Dutch translation services in the United Kingdom.    

Here at Translation Services 24, we understand the importance of facilitating a tailored service. Simply tell us your translation needs and we will accommodate you. Not only this, but we have developed a translation process which guarantees our customer a dedicated account manager, high accuracy, fast turnaround times and competitive prices.


Our Dutch Translation Services:


Our Translators and Linguist:

Translating is more than changing text from one language and into another. Simply specify your Dutch translation requirements and your dedicated account manager will ensure these are met.

Quality is a key factor and it all begins with selecting the most appropriate translator for your project. We ensure that the linguist working on your project is not only a native Dutch speaker, but also has proven expertise within your business sector – whether it’s legal, marketing, financial or technical.

To further guarantee the highest quality, we never work with machine translations. Your project will be translated by a qualified translator. This linguist will take into consideration important factors such as local, social or cultural influences which will contribute to the quality and authenticity of your translation, something a machine translation cannot do!

Dutch language localisation

From political, social and cultural differences to grammatical and linguistic differences – there are several factors which can directly or indirectly influence the accuracy and reliability of a translation. One of the most important aspects, and yet very often neglected, are the differences in the Dutch language, depending on which region of the world you want to address. For example, Dutch spoken in the Netherlands or Belgium will be slightly different to the Dutch spoken in Suriname or Aruba.

Our translators will not only be native Dutch speakers with first-hand experience within your business sector, but will also fully understand those cultural and language factors, ensuring that your material is fully localised for your target market.

Facts about the Dutch language:

- Dutch is a national language in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname in South America and the Dutch Antilles

- Some Dutch words are similar to English as both languages come from the same old Germanic root

-  Dutch has 23 million mother tongue speakers. On top of that, there are also 4 million people worldwide who speak Dutch as a second or foreign language.

Turnaround times:

Handling a translation project within a busy business environment can be a stressful situation, especially if you have never done it before. Our dedicated account managers are here to make the process smooth by accommodating your needs in a timely manner. We value our customers and understand that they often work under a lot of pressure and with little time. From the moment, you visit our website, right until we deliver your translation, we will ensure the process is as straightforward as possible. Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated during all stages and will be on hand to assist with any query that you might have.

We turnaround 2,500 words per day from and into Dutch. For a slight price increase, we have the capacity to turnaround a higher volume, for more information please contact us today.


Contact Us:

Whether you need professional Dutch translations or a Dutch interpreter, you can get in touch with us on info@translationservices24.com or use one of the contact forms available on our website and we will provide you with an accurate quote within 30 minutes. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your specific translation requirements in more detail, you can call us on +44 (0) 20 8677 3775 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.