made in Italy

While many companies worldwide are planning or have already launched a brand new range of organic and eco-friendly products the Italian boot introduces its best:

-cooking, is now perceived in an always more keen interest in organic food. The Italian business has always striven to  provide healthy yet original and tasty food.

-fashion and design. Both of them try to reach and point towards a simple, concrete and pure packaging, realizing the mechanics of products with a very creative grab in design. If you translate the word ‘dress’ into the Italian fashion business, it will direct you to the word ‘impress’. The Italian designers and  fashion stylists try to make an impression with their unique items such as Versace, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana clothes.

-landscapes, that means return to the earth, optimize and work with earth as much as we can, reaching a compromise in not merely exploiting and using resources to profit, at the same time keeping a progressive renewal and optimization of them.

One point that need consideration, is that in Italy, business is mainly made by people that have brought their name and products all around the world, sometimes without having a proper knowledge of the foreign language, but by just using a kind of unconventional way of translation which deals with emotions, tasting and direct experience.

You will definitely find out that Italy doesn’t always splash huge amounts capital in the field of marketing or advertising, but you are probably wondering why their products are known all over the world.  Sometimes popularity is not the result of an ordinary advertising or marketing strategy. Some other main and relevant reasons can be hidden behind it. The Made in Italy tag is the biggest driving force for Italy.

Before concluding, one of the other things you should know about how to do business practically, is that you should forget what business means in UK or in USA. After that, take in consideration the word business in Italian language is not necessary related to punctuality.

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