International Brand Checking


Your brand is the identity of your business that is why it must be unique and appropriate for the types of products that you are offering.

In many cases when the companies decide to expand their business operations they have to change their name to suit specific audiences.

Translation Services 24 provides an International brand checking service and marketing translations to facilitate your business globalization.

Some of the most common problems associates to brand names are:

•  The brand name is already in use.
•  The brand name has a negative or offensive meaning in the target country.
•  The spelling or pronunciation of the brand name have negative connotations in the target country.

Avoid a Brand Blunder

There so many stories about failures of international brand names and we are sure that you do not want to be included in the list of marketing blunders. For that reason, our company has designed a service that is essential if you have decided to go

Our team of translators, linguists and cultural advisors has experience analysing linguistic and social connotations associate to your product or brand name to ensure the success of your business project.

International Brand Checking Service

We give ten in-country linguists a list of 20 questions about your brand or name. Our multilingual professionals go though the list and research the answers for you.

All our brand checkers are in-country native linguists that possess and in-depth knowledge of the country and culture.
Translation Services 24 provides:

•    Multilingual Brand Creation/Management
•    Brand Localization
•    Multilingual Brand Positioning Reports
•    Logo Design/ Localization

Translation Services 24 provides international brand checking services in over 150 languages worldwide.

To learn more about our international brand checking services or free consultation, call us on +44 (0) 208 133 5255 or send us an email.