International Business Support Services

International Business Support Services

Many existing companies are always on the lookout to expanding their goods and services to where huge growth opportunities are. And with the ever-increasing globalisation and rapid advancement of technology, these opportunities often sit in a different country, where obstacles of a new kind will present itself, where the major disadvantages involve the new ‘local’ know-how: the history, culture, practices, language and location.

Our  services include:

Most companies new to a new geographical location seek International Business Support Services – consulting firms that specialise in cross-cultural work and communications in a particular country, with experience in the fields of industrial location and economic development and provides support in matters of law, taxes and personnel. Business professionals know that in order to achieve a sustainable and global business, they often must find ways to adapting to the cultures and societies of which they choose to operate and conduct their business.
However, this could be quite a costly and time-consuming affair, especially when the business owner is very unsure about such a move.

In such a case, it would be more cost-effective to seek assistance from a UK translation services company before going ahead with any international business support services. At Translation Services 24, our localisation services offers assistance in the qualified research of your new target market, identifying professional and personal challenges to help you bridge the gap and minimise the risk of ‘culture shock’. With our native translators and interpreters present in 16 countries worldwide, translating and communicating over 150 different languages, they can also support you at trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as get you involved in, or help you organise business or cultural events. And when you are ready to make that move, we will continuously be by your side to ensure that the international business support services you require is smooth, efficient and cost-effective.

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