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About Japanese interpretation:

Japanese is a language spoken by over 130 million people. Due to globalization, our world is getting smaller and we come across many business deals which require us to communicate with people of different countries. So, for example, you are a London based businessman and want to strike a handsome deal with a Japanese client, how do you communicate? You hire a Japanese interpreter who can converse in English too.

Interpretation services in our organization:
We provide three types of interpretations services:
  • Simultaneous interpretations, where the interpreter interprets without a pause and interprets each line, letting the speaker maintain the flow of conversation.
  • Consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter interprets after some time, like after completion of few lines. It is used in business meetings.
  • Escort interpretation, where our Japanese language experts accompany or escort you to a formal or informal gathering where you need interpretation services.
We offer expert translation solutions and services on various levels: organizations, associations, individuals, Government agencies and corporate offices.
Our specialized services can also be available in a legion of fields like legal court matters, literature, politics, education, conferences, multi lingual meetings, business delegations, IT, software and tourism.
Our motto:
We follow a strict code of ethics. Our motto is to provide customer satisfaction through quality services and for this we rigorously train our linguists. They are trained by a team of professionals who have been in this field since a long time, and hence are experienced. We make it a point to choose only native speakers. We train them on how to maintain the flow of communication and make it flawless. The professionals also train them about ethics like how to tackle a client and how to be patient with them. When you avail our services, you’ll find that our interpreters are extremely flexible and will accommodate all your needs. We are proud of our hardworking and dedicated team.
Know more about us:
You can drop by our office for more queries. Alternatively you can call or mail us.
Our prices are competitive and are determined by factors like location and type of assignment.