Media Transcription Services


Our multilingual media transcription services are used by various companies around the world. We provide transcriptions for global news channels such as NBC and SKY for various news and documentary footage filmed in foreign languages that need English subtitles. 

Our Translation Expertise

Our multilingual media translation service is done in over 60 languages for purposes including:

• Broadcast
• Corporate videos
• Films and animation
• Games
• General telecoms and automated services
• Radio commercials
• Webinars

How we Work

We work with many formats and are able to deliver within tight deadlines. We use translators who also implement localisation into the transcript to ensure the target audience have understood the implied messages without misinterpretation.

We also provide in-house duding and subtitling services in over 60 languages to complete the entire process hassle free.

Contact Us

To find out how our media transcription services can benefit your business, please contact a member of our team at