Medical Transcription Services


Here, at Translation Services 24 we provide medical transcription services in over 100 languages, providing a wide range of clinical documentation including:

• Medical correspondence
• Clinical notes
• Operative and procedure notes
• Q&A session
• Radiology reports
• Expert panel meeting
• Consultation reports
• Rehabilitation notes
• Psychiatric evaluation
• Break out session
• Medico-legal report
• Interviews and research
• Pharmaceutical and drug making procedures
• Outpatient notes
• In-patient summaries

Our Translators

We only use qualified and registered translators based in the UK, with proven medial background. We ensure our linguists only translate into their mother-tongue language, not only this, but all content is independently checked before confidently delivering back the transcription.

Our network of medical transcribers specialise in specific areas within the medial sector, where each project is carefully managed by one of our in-house account managers.


We treat medical assignments confidentially, and when requested we sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients.

Contact us

To find out how our medical transcription services can help your needs, please send your enquiry to