Translation Services for Social Media

Translation Services For Social Media

In the multilingual internet world where prospective customer from around the world can have access to your site, multilingual social media and internet marketing should be a must for any company that attempt to stand out in the global market.

Our London based translation agency can translate your blog content & online press articles for you to reach a bigger audience. Having a strong online presence can boost your business internationalization because it will build brand awareness and increase the visibility of your website in international markets.

Global Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are two global platforms that allow marketers to create buzz for brand and business alike. But without linguistics skills your social media campaign will be addressing only the English audience that represent a third of the world internet population. Over 1 billion people access the internet in a language other than English. Besides that, many countries have local social media sites and having access to those sites will be critical to understand and connect with local customers.

International Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring has become an essential marketing tool to identify the limitations and strengths of your business and to listen and engage with your customers around the world. Social Media monitoring is an effective tool to learn about people’s needs and desires. However, all this data would be just dead wood without the ability to measure it and integrate it in your business intelligence systems.

Our translation agency 24 provides international media monitoring in all the main languages. Our marketing and business experts have the capability to transform the data collected in social media site into business plans that will increase your leads and sales.

International social media monitoring will provide an overview of specific international markets that is paramount to choose the adequate way to approach your target audience.

Global Social Media

Using social media you can get directly to your target market. When they emerged, social media social media sites where mainly used for social interaction but the foundational concepts have changed and business and professionals use social media sites to build awareness and social authority. Consumers have also started using them to find products and reviews. The segment aged 18-34 is particularly embracing social networks for commercial purposes. About 29% of this segment has discovered a product or service through a social network.

Having access to multilingual global social media will give you many advantages over your competitors. Translation Services 24 provides translations for social media in over 150 languages worldwide. Each translation goes under a double check stage plus an additional proof-reading.

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