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Website translation and Localization services is the process of adapting your website to local audiences in order to increase your customer base worldwide. With the Internet opening new frontiers for advertisers and business developers, website localization has become one of the primary tools for business global expansion.

Local customers prefer websites that speak their language and understand their culture. To engage prospective customers you need to understand how they approach online business and e-commerce in order to create (localize) a website.

Translation Services 24 possess the tools and personnel to provide culturally suitable website localizations for business around the world.

Website Localization Services

Website localization includes website translation and many other factors such as software localization, changes in the layout of the web-pages and in the domain name.

Translation Services 2 covers all facets of website localization including:

Language Localization

Accurate language localization requires a deep understanding of the target language and culture. The translators need to be a specialist in the subject matter, able to understand the nuances of the language and with the ability to make the text suitable to the target audience.  Our translation agency works with in-country translators that understand the cultural requirements of the target locale.

Software Localization

Software Localization is the adaptation of computer software to different languages and technical requirements to make them suitable to the target market. Our professional possess the linguistic expertise and technical skills to provide successful software localization.

Design Localization

Different cultures approach images and websites in a different way. Website localization might affect diverse elements within the website such as colour, layout, navigation and images. Companies such as Coca- Cola and Mc Donalds, make different websites for specific markets. You might think that SMEs do not have the means to do it. But the price of website localization is worth every penny. Translation Services 24 offers affordable website localization services that will provide your company an advantage over your competitors and will open up your business to the rest of the world.

We deal with every aspect of design localization.

Colour: The meaning of the colours changes in different cultures. Red colour, for instance, is associated with violence in some parts of the world and with prosperity in others.

Navigation: Usually navigation bars are based on left-to-right languages such as English or Spanish. But the some of the most spoken languages (Chinese, Arabic, etc) are read in a different way. Therefore, you might adapt the navigation design and the whole layout to the target language in order to target successfully non-western cultures.

Images: Likewise the colours, the meaning associate with certain images varies in different cultures. Website localization involves managing images to make them suitable to the target market and the marketing strategy implemented by the company.

Website Localization Quality

We provide linguistic and functionality testing before delivering any project to ensure that all areas affected by localization (software, documentation, help files, UI design, etc) are running perfectly with all browser and local operating systems.

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