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Medical Translation Services



Medical Translation Services

When dealing with medical translation services we place vast importance on discipline of language and the understanding of all medical terminology. Over the years, we’ve worked with public and private medical organisations, proving confidential medical translations. We provide our trusted medical translations to clients in private healthcare, the pharmaceutical field, and pubic healthcare sectors. We fully understand that medical documents are sensitive and for this reason, we sign non disclosure agreements and fully certify the documents when translated.

Often, medical translations require a much more in-depth approach than simply conveying words and keeping their literal meaning. In many cases, an extensive and specific medical knowledge and a first hand experience within the medical sector are needed in order to provide an accurate translation. Consequently, all of our translators working with the medical documents and materials will not only be native speakers of your target language, but in order to guarantee accuracy and reliability, will additionally have a first-hand experience within the particular medical sector your documents are from.

Medical document translation service

medical translation services

What do you need to translate?

We cover a variety of medical documentation and specialist topics, these include:

  • Clinical trial documents
  • Consultation reports
  • Codes of conduct
  • Discharge summaries
  • Machine operating manuals
  • Marketing material (including websites)
  • Operational procedures
  • Patient consent forms
  • Patient information
  • Research papers

Translating medical documents – turnaround times

Here, at TS24 we understand that handling a translation project can be a time-consuming and stressful process, especially if you do not have any previous experience in similar tasks. Consequently, we aim to make the translation process as easy and straightforward as possible from the very beginning. We also know that sometimes you may require your documents to be translated within a short period of time, and so the translation process we have developed allows us to do just that.

Our company’s standard turnaround times guarantee 2,500 words translated within just 1 working day. We are also able to offer a faster translation service of up to 20,000 words within 24 hours.


Our Translation Team

We are able to offer translation services in United Kingdom and Internationally in over 200 languages. All translators have medical qualifications and are registered with the translation authority in their country.

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To find out more on our medical translation services, contact us by sending an email to or give us  a call on +44 (0) 20 8677 3775

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