Public Sector Industry


Expert Translations for the Public Sector

Some of our most frequent clients are public sector bodies and the very nature of public services and the sheer amount of translation requirements that come with these has allowed our translation agency to build a significant network of specialist translators.

From local councils and charities to police and national government bodies, the variety of translations TS24 has dealt with means we are proficient in tackling any project regardless of size, type and importantly specialist language.

Rare languages are frequently requested in this area and subsequently we are to able cover a larger variety of niche languages when compared to the majority of translation service providers. All of our niche translators come with a range of public sector service experience.

Because the public sector is so vast and text can include specialist words and phrases often individual to the various publicsector departments, we only ever select translators who have this experience.

If requested we will provide translators with experience of another niche area coupled with public sector, for instance legal or financial. We are often asked for individualised services so for any other specialist requests please talk to a member of the team.