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Software Translation Services

Software translations are often complex and go beyond simply translating words and keeping their literal meaning. Therefore, in order to ensure that your app or software works well abroad, you'll need someone who is able to offer more than simply translating into other languages. You'll need an experienced partner who has an in-depth understanding of your chosen market and the technical requirements involved, and that's exactly what we bring to the table.

Translation Services 24, a part of Language Reach Group, are one of the leading and fastest growing UK based providers of professional software translation services and app localisation. We pride ourselves not only in the quality and accuracy of our software translations, but also in the wide range of clients we work with; from London based SMEs to some of the world's largest organisations and in our extensive network of experienced software translators and professional linguists, allowing us to cover over 200 different languages from every corner of the world. 

In today's globalising world, software translation services and app localisation can often play an essential part in a business's international development strategy. Nowadays, mobile app stores and other programs are international aspects. Indeed, the next person to download your app or to use software may be based anywhere in the world. And while your software may be globally available, it may not be ready for the global audience.

Expanding your software into multiple global markets can often create a number challenges and difficulties, from the initial stages of fully understanding your chosen market to the technical constrains and requirements through the actual software translation process and launch. Consequently, software translation and localisation often goes beyond simply literally translating words.

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