Technology Industry


Translations by Experts for the Technology Industry

Our translation agency provides translation services for some of the globes largest organisations operating in the broader industry of Technology.

Our experience covers everything from telecoms manuals to consumer sales material and our industry experience has also varied greatly. We have provided translation services for companies ranging fromHardware and Software manufacturers to telecommunication and consumer electronic companies.

In our experience the Technology industry is vast and a large portion of our regular clients often request the translation of copy which requires a multiple skill set e.g. technologymixed with manufacturing experience or technology experience mixed with engineering experience.

We have a large selection of global technological translators and because specialist copy in the technology industry is common, we have a collection of global translators with mixed experience as standard.

We are fully aware of the importance in project speed and our broad subject area expertise with the variety of countries we have provided these services in has given us the advantage of large, ready-made specialist network of translators allowing us to tackle any project regardless of type, size and most importantly niche.

Because technological text can include specialist words and phrases often individual to the technology industries, we only ever select translators who have this experience. If requested we will provide translators with experience of another niche area coupled with technology. We are often asked for extremely individualised services so for any other specialist requests please talk to a member of the team.