Media & Entertainment Industry

Expert Translations for Media & Entertainment Industry

TS24 provide translation services for some of the world’s largest and most acclaimed Media and Entertainment companies.

Globalisation and the possibilities that come with a global marketplace present great opportunities for companies operating in the Media industry as a whole.

Communicating effectively in these markets is not a simple case of overcoming language barriers. Companies must understand the characteristics of any demographic with a distinct culture which in our industry encompasses translation and localisation to required extents.

Our experience is vast and we have provided translations in industries such as TV and Film to News and Publishing and everything in-between!

Our specialist translators place a great deal of emphasis on conveying your original message whilst ensuring that the copy is culturally and socially relevant.

We are all aware of international communicative failures and for this reason we only select translators who have both experience in the entertainment and quite often marketing industry. Moreover we only select translators who have an understanding of full media processes and objectives, but who are also native speakers of your desired language therefore overcoming any cultural barriers.