Multilingual Transcription Services


Audio Transcription Services

TS24 is a leading provider of translations and audio & video transcription services in the United Kingdom. We provide multilingual transcription and translation services of audio and video files in over 200 languages for clients based globally. With a network of 8,000 expert translators and transcribers we guarantee the highest-quality.

Our transcription services cover a wide range of materials and uses – from advertising material to documentaries and eLearning programmes. Our transcribers can transcribe exactly what they hear into a time-coded format and translate into multiple languages to edit voiceovers and subtitles into the end product.

Our Professional Transcribers

Our multilingual transcription services cover a wide range of business needs including:

• Broadcast
• Conferences
• Corporate videos
• Films and animation
• Games
• General telecoms and automated services
• Online courses
• Radio commercials
• Webinars

Our Transcription Services

We use professional translators based in the target country of translation to ensure a fully localised final edit. Our transcribers and translators are designated to assignments based on the business sector and specialist knowledge required. All projects are handled under strict confidentiality procedures.

Files we Handle

• CD
• MP3
• AV1

Most files can be emailed over using various online platforms. For extremely large files we can arrange a next day delivery service.

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To find out how our multilingual transcription services can benefit your business send your enquiry to or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8677 3775