Bulgarian translation services

Bulgarian translation services

Translation Services 24 is a London-based leading and fast-growing provider of Bulgarian translation services. At Translation services 24, we believe that every single one of our clients is unique and has specific needs, which is why we tailor our approach to each one of them and to their expectations. Their satisfaction is our priority.

The professional native Bulgarian translators we work with are carefully chosen to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the translations our clients request. We make sure each one of them has the required linguistic skills, but also sector expertise, knowledge and experience to guarantee the quality of their work.


What we offer

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Legally certified translations
  • Professional, native Bulgarian translators with sector-specific knowledge
  • Reliability, accuracy and services tailored to your specific needs
  • Assigned dedicated project managers
  • No hidden costs

Sector expertise

An accurate, reliable work requires more than just a word-for-word translation. Professional translators must have a certain knowledge in certain industries in order to translate specific materials. Being native in the target language is not the only factor that comes into play when translating documents. Translators must be able to transcribe them accurately into the target language with a full knowledge of specific terms and procedures to make sure their work is reliable. It takes experience and sector expertise to translate legal or medical documents for example, as technical terms are used, and must remain accurate and unaltered. As for marketing translations, which is something completely different, a whole creative process is involved to reach a specific target audience considering its culture, preferences and habits. Translators must therefore have at least a minimum knowledge in the area to transcribe marketing messages accordingly.

Efficient professional translators are the ones that not only have a high linguistic level but have a certain knowledge in the right fields to translate documents in the most reliable way. This is what we take into account when choosing the ones we work with.


Our professional Bulgarian translators don’t just translate words, they localise them. Every language is unique and has its own complex way of functioning with its own expressions, idioms, false friends and dialects. We give a huge importance to the localisation of all materials our clients want to translate, as we don’t believe that literal translations are appropriate for important documents. Our clients expect theirs to be transcribed into another language in an reliable way, meaning they must be adapted yet remain accurate and true to the intended messages. There are diverse cultural factors to consider in order to do so. When translating a website for example, translators must take into account the audience that is targeted as well as its culture, preferences, habits, etc. A translation software simply can not manage this process reliably enough.

The Bulgarian language

Bulgarian is a South Slavic language spoken by around 12 million people worldwide. It is spoken mostly in Bulgaria where it is the official language, but also in parts of Greece, Ukraine, and Romania among other countries. It is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, which replaced the Glagolitic one that was originally used for Bulgarian.

  • History

The Bulgarian language was marked by three main periods: The Old Bulgarian (from the 9th to the 10th century), the Middle Bulgarian (from the 12th to the 15th century) and the current Modern Bulgarian (starting from the 16th century). It underwent some dramatic changes during the Middle Bulgarian period: it lost the Slavic case system and transformed the definite article system into a suffix system.

It was later influenced by the Balkan language as well as by Turkish, as it was the official language of the Ottoman empire at the time, which Bulgaria used to be part of. The country was declared independent at the beginning of the 20th century, around the end of the Ottoman rule.


  • Facts about the Bulgarian language

The Bulgarian language is unique in many ways. It was the first one to use the Cyrillic alphabet, as two Bulgarians actually invented it (brothers Cyril and Methodius), which is now used in Russian, Bosnian, Serbian and other Slavic languages.

It has two major varieties: The Eastern and the Western norm (the official Bulgarian language being based on the Eastern norm).

It is composed of more than 200,000 words, with foreign loanwords included over time from Greek, Turkish, Russian, English, Latin and even French and Italian. Although not commonly used, the longest one has 39 letters: “непротивоконституционствувателствувайте”, which means “don’t act against the Constitutions.”

It has nine different tenses: while the present tense has only one version, there are several varieties for the past and the future tenses.

Bulgaria has a special holiday for its language: the 24th of May, where people celebrate the Bulgarian language and culture and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the brothers that created the Cyrillic alphabet.

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