Translation Case Study: Gemini


Meet The Client

Meet our client, Gemini, a New York-based crypto company with a mission to simplify the buying, selling, and storing of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

As a company that values security and compliance above all else, Gemini was looking for a trusted and certified translation service provider that could effectively communicate its website copy and terms and conditions to a global audience.

Our dedicated team at TS24 worked closely with Gemini to develop a tailored translation process to deliver accurate and effective translations in multiple languages while maintaining the company’s unique voice and adhering to the technicalities of the crypto industry.

By leveraging our expertise in financial translations, we were able to provide Gemini with accurate translations that helped them expand their reach and establish themselves as a trusted industry leader.


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What were the translation requirements?

Gemini came to us with a specific need – they were looking for a partner who could expertly translate their website policies and terms and conditions into Croatian, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Slovenian.

Our financial expertise and rigorous quality control processes made us the perfect fit for Gemini. Our project managers and account managers worked closely with the client to develop a translation process that was both simple and accurate, ensuring that all content was translated to the highest standard possible.

Despite Gemini’s technical content and jargon, we provided our linguists with specialised instructions, ensuring that the final delivery exceeded our client’s needs.

When initially working with Gemini, one of our biggest challenges was the complexity of the legal terminology used in their relatively new industry. We knew it was critical to translate their terms accurately, but we also understood that it would require native translators who were not only professional legal translators but also very familiar with the jargon used in the cryptocurrency sector.

One of the challenges we faced when working with Gemini was assigning a dedicated team of professional, native translators who could accurately translate within the highly technical and complex world of cryptocurrency and who could act as our client’s chosen team.

It was essential to our client that the translations were accurate and consistently conveyed the right tone and style; something can only be done with a dedicated team.


Our Solution

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Our team of skilled and specialized linguists fluent in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish managed all translation requests for these languages.

We maintained consistency and accuracy by creating a comprehensive style guide to ensure uniformity in language, tone, and terminology across all projects. We also utilised translation memories and a team of expert proofreaders who reviewed every document to ensure consistency in all translations.

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By implementing these systems and processes into our workflow strategy, we were able to provide consistent and accurate translations that met the specific technical needs of Gemini's industry while adhering to the highest quality standards possible.

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