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Osborne Clarke is an esteemed law firm located in the UK and Europe. Established as a leader in delivering progressive and insightful legal advice, Osborne Clarke is distinguished by its innovative approach. It integrates deep legal expertise with a keen understanding of global transformation trends.


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Our Collaboration

As the trusted translation partner of Osborne Clarke, our teams at TS24 have played a critical role in bridging their communication gaps. We deliver certified translations for various legal purposes, including legal documents, court documents, medical reports, and witness statements. We also offer in-person and remote interpreting services. Our expertise spans over 20 languages, from German, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin and more, ensuring comprehensive coverage for Osborne Clarke's global needs.

Our Approach

At TS24 Translation Agency, we understand the intricate nature of Osborne Clarke's work and the importance of accuracy in legal translation. To this end, we provide a bespoke service model featuring a dedicated account manager and translation teams. This approach ensures every translation is not only court-compliant but also maintains the nuanced integrity of the original text, thereby upholding the highest standards of accuracy.

The legal field is inherently time-sensitive, with significant deadlines. Recognising this, we prioritise efficiency and punctuality in delivering our translation services. Our commitment to meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality is paramount to supporting Osborne Clarke's mission.

A challenge in our collaboration with Osborne Clarke involved putting together a committed team of certified, native translators. These experts needed to deliver accurate translations tailored to the legal domain, even amidst a demanding workload, effectively becoming an extension of our client's team.


Our Solution

Beating Deadlines

We focused on ensuring that our client's translations were quickly delivered and accurate. Our dedicated project management team knew precisely what Osborne Clarke needed. Our project managers worked closely with our translators to ensure every project was delivered fast without compromising quality. They were always ready to step in and speed things up, helping Osborne Clarke keep things moving smoothly and on time.

Creating a Specialised Team

We required native translators who were also legal experts. So, we carefully assigned certified native translators who were up to the task and briefed them to understand the ins and outs of Osborne Clarke's work. This way, they could translate complex legal documents accurately. This close collaboration meant we could deliver translations that hit the mark every time, just how Osborne Clarke wanted.

With these straightforward approaches, we tackled the challenges of tight deadlines and the need for a specialised team head-on, showing our dedication to providing a high-quality service tailored to our client's needs.

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