Conference Interpreters London

Conference Interpreting Services in London

We are a professional translation company in London providing conference interpretation services in London. Language can be a hostile barrier in many business dealings. We provide interpreting services for conferences and help you overcome communication hurdles. Our interpreters are highly qualified and well-trained in the area of conference interpreting services. We are also equipped with state of the art devices and equipment to suit your needs. In London our agency caters to small meetings as well as large scale conferences.

Choosing our agency means:

*Conference interpreting involves translating the speaker’s language by a team of interpreters for a group of listeners who do not understand the language.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great customer service
  • Accurate conference interpretation
  • Local advantage
  • Wide range of services offered

Your London conference interpreting

Located in the heart of London we are easily reachable by any means of transport. In the company we believe in providing only top quality conference interpreting to our London clients. Each of our customers work with their own in-house interpreting project managers who ensure that all specific requirements are taken into account.

Conference interpreters: All our conference interpreters are native speakers of required languages. Each of them also undergoes a strict selection to ensure needed skills and abilities  for their future assignments. Our interpreters are well qualified and proficient in not only the language but also in the technical terms needed to optimize the conference interpretations. For this we ensure that sufficient amount of research is done before any conference.

Conference equipment

Our up to date equipment also ensures that listeners can clearly pick up communication from our interpreters. We have sound proof booths, portable receivers as well as transmitters. Our listening devices are user friendly and comfortable to use.


It is a myth that higher the quality, greater the price. We believe in transparent pricing and you can be assured of getting value for your money. When you come to us your money will be well spent. Our prices are honest and competitive.


All our interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ projects and are committed to keep our high ethical standards.






Translation Services 24 provides interpretation services in over 150 languages worldwide. We specialise in legal translation services, marketing translation services as well as translation & interpreting services for a number of business sectors, including technical, software, financial and medical areas.

Contact us to learn more about our conference interpreting services in London, or a free consultation. You can also request a free quote for any type of our services.

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