Hospital Interpreting Services



Patients around the world are admitted to hospitals where the language spoken is not their mother-tongue. Although in the UK many patients can speak fluent English, when discussing critical medical issues some terminologies often get misinterpreted. We provide hospital interpreting services in London, around the UK and the USA.

What do you need?

We provide our hospital interpreting service for both the NHS and private institutions and cover an array of settings:

  • GP Appointments
  • Remote interpreting via video call
  • Medical Assessments
  • Mental health assessments
  • Midwifery
  • Medical procedures/Operations
  • Outpatients appointments
  • Rehabilitation

Our Hospital Interpreters

Our hospital interpreting and translation services are carried out using registered, CRB checked interpreters who specialise in the medial sector. We use interpreters that share the same mother-tongue as the patient which not only ensure the reliability of the translation but also adds comfort to the patient.

How to book a Hospital Interpreter – Hospital Interpreting Services

Simply contact and advisor letting them know the location, language and topic of discussion. We will then send a quote and supply the interpreter as requested. You can contact an advisor by sending an email to or alternately calling your local office.