International Market Research

International market research enables a business to identify, evaluate and compare potential foreign market opportunities and develop a marketing plan. A comprehensive market research will provide political, business, trade information about prospective markets. It will also provide valuable information about consumers’ behaviour.

Multilingual Market Research

There are so many factors that you need to identify on the verge of internationalization. Some of the more relevant are:

•    Market trends and commercial opportunities.

•    What is the market share of my industry?

•    Consumers’ demographics in the target market.

•    Competitors’ strategies.

Translation Services UK24 provides multilingual market research in over 150 languages including Japanese, Spanish, German and French. To provide accurate market reports and forecasts, we work with in-country specialists that have experience delivering market research reports to business across different sectors.

Market Research Expertise

Our professionals are very familiar with any cultural issues and understand which techniques work better for each specific country.

We provide international market research solutions for a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical companies, finance and banking and advertising companies.

Our company covers all the facets of market research including product development, brand building and marketing communications. We are well prepared to provide trend analysis, data analysis, market forecasts and reports to corporate clients around the world.

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