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Expanding into new, international markets can be a truly difficult task. Being able to professionally showcase your company's products and services in a leaflet should be a key element within a successful marketing strategy. If your target audience is not able to completely understand the information within your leaflet and access the content directly in their native language, even the most attractive design won't positively influence their behavior. Consequently, leaflet translation services should be at the very heart of your company's marketing efforts.

Being able to accurately and efficiently communicate information about your company's services or products directly to the target customer is absolutely crucial in today's fast-paced, globalised world. Consequently, a rapidly growing number of businesses create informative and promotional leaflets, which allow them to reach much larger audiences fairly easily. Nonetheless, if your company trades internationally or targets international customers, translating your leaflet is absolutely imperative. TS24 Translation Services in London offers professional and affordable leaflet translations available in over 200 different language, so that your company can correctly convey any message and successfully communicate with the overseas markets.




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We have worked with the team at Translation Services 24 for some time and their quality and customer care levels are amongst the best we have encountered in the industry.

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TS24 is always our go to agency for leaflet translation services. We find them very professional, hands on and flexible with the way they offer their translations.

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Translation Services 24 provides us with services which go beyond the remits of leaflet translations. They help us enormously with their expertise throughout our campaigns.

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98.8% of customers would highly recommend our leaflet translation service to others!

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Translating a leaflet - what happens to its layout?

Certainly, translating your leaflet can in fact somewhat alter it's layout and slightly change it's design. The reason for this is that same sentence can greatly vary in its length, depending on the target language. For example, generally speaking, sentences written in English are much shorter than their literal translations in most of the other European, African or Asian languages. Consequently, when implementing the translated text into your leaflet, its design may be compromised if not done professionally. 

As a result, it is essential that the translation company working on your leaflet has a previous experience in covering similar content and fully understands how the translated text might affect the leaflet's structure, layout and design. Translation Services 24 not only has the linguistic experience of translating leaflets and other similar marketing materials for some of the largest brands in the world, but we also take into the consideration your initial designs, ensuring that the translated leaflet looks professional and as close to the original as possible.

Who can translate my leaflet?

Translating a leaflet is often a difficult task not only in terms of the linguistic knowledge, but also the design creativity required from a linguist themselves. The translator working on the content within your leaflet should not only be a native speaker of the target language, but must also have an in-depth knowledge of your business sector and the target market. The combination of these skills allows the translators to make sure that your company's leaflets are converted accurately and that it fully reflects both - your company's values as well as the target market's expectations and values.

Additionally, as the translated leaflets may be a part of a much wider marketing campaign, the translations might need to follow a more general style used across different channels, both linguistic and design wise, which requires the translators to have a creative flare and adaptability.

Prices for translating a leaflet

Leaflet translation services are priced per the source word. The prices can vary according to language, deadline and type of the content you need to translate. However, our advanced, custom-built software and many years of experience in translating leaflets and pamphlets allow our competitive pricing to start as low as £0.12 + VAT per word, with the best possible turnaround time and most accurate document interpretation. For more detailed information about the pricing for translating a leaflet, visit our price page or get in touch with one of our account managers.

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