Translation services in London & UK

TS24 provides Legal translation Services for some of the UK’s largest and well known Law Firms and deal with multiple Legal translations daily. The vast nature of Legal of translations and the many specialist legal areas in which they can occur, has allowed us to build a huge network of global Legal translators over the years.

Whether your area is Criminal, Commercial, Family or more specialist such as Copyright, Employee or even Banking Law speak to the team here at Translation Services 24 London and to see how we can assist your project.

Because we deal with Law so frequently we are able to tackle Legal projects regardless of size, complexity and language rarity. Because rare languages are frequently requested in this particular area we are to able cover a larger variety languages when compared to the majority of translation service providers.

Again, because the Legal arena is so vast and text can include specialist words and phrases often individual to the various areas of Law, we only ever select translators who have this experience. We provide officially certified translation services in over 200 languages from every corner of the world.

If requested we will provide translators with experience of another niche area coupled with Legal, for instance Financial or Public sector. We are often asked for individualised services so for any other specialist requests please talk to a member of the team.

For interpreting services please see our interpreting pages.

For legal translation services please see our translation pages.