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Swedish interpreters in London

Translation Services 24 offers expert and professional Swedish interpreting services in London, UK.


The importance of Swedish language:

Sweden is one of the top most prosperous European countries in the world. Swedish is an East Scandinavian language and a descendent of the Old Norse. It was almost similar to the Danish language, but after the war between them, the two languages have adopted different grammars. The Swedish language made its first appearance in Gustav Vasa’s bible in 1540.

Swedish language is not only spoken in Sweden but also in Finland, Norway and Denmark. The need for interpreters is increasing tremendously.


Service providers
Our translation agency is the most professional team in the field of interpretation. Our services are done with utmost care to meet the demands of the clients. We call ourselves the top-notch service providers in translation as we have the best of translators in the world. The interpreters are excellent in the Swedish language and hence while documenting they take extreme care to translate the various nuances in it. As they are highly qualified, we assure you an error free translation. The areas that we handle are corporate, public sector and legal. Interpretation is provided in all areas including documenting, construction, leaflets, press releases, IT, business meetings, insurance cards, books, media, contracts, literature and many more. The rates are reasonable and the customers are happy as we always meet the dead lines.  Our translators are ready to meet the demands of interpretation.
As a part of the interpretation we also provide interpretation tools to clients during conferences. If any proceedings need to be recorded they can be done. We also do proof reading and copy writing. Our interpretation includes Swedish typesetting. Hence with a technical Swedish DTP knowledge, assistance can be given for PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PhotoShop and many more. Translations on websites and multimedia are also given.


Our team of Translators
Our translators are trained in various fields that they will be able to handle any request. We take projects of any size, complexity, length, format and subject. We cover everything under the sun. It ranges from business to IT to education. We also accept brochures, PDF files, emails and websites.