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Witness Statement translation services

Paragraph 8.2, Practice Direction 22A (Family) states that where a witness statement is in a foreign language the party wishing to rely upon it must have it translated and file it with the court, and that a translator or a representative of an accredited translation agency must sign the translation.

A Witness statement is a very crucial record at the time of trial since it may give new dimension to the case, open up new line of inquiry and also helps in correlating with other information of the case. We hire skilled professionals who can translate and help you get the best quality translation.

Importance of getting a Witness statement translated correctly

Translating a Witness statement is rather crucial because of the importance it holds in a trial. Therefore getting it accurately translated is mandatory. Our translation agency based in London has a team of professional and skilled legal translators who mostly deal with translating legal documents and Witness statement is just one of them.

Our legal Translators and their field of expertise

The translators have the right experience to provide legal translation services to law firms, corporate offices, attorneys, and government bodies throughout London and the rest of the world too. We employ translators who are native speakers and possess a sound knowledge of both the languages as in the original language of the document and the language it has to be translated into. Moreover they are fully equipped with all legal terminology, text, and vocabulary essential for an accurate and authentic translation.

Multilingual Witness statement translation services provided by us

We translate Witness statements in more than 100 languages with deft and accurateness. Take a look at the list of languages that we are efficient in:
•    French
•    Chinese
•    Arabic
•    Japanese
•    Czech
•    Afrikaans
•    Algerian
•    Brazilian and many more.

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