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Bosnian translation services

Translation services 24 are a London-based fast-growing and leading provider of Bosnian translation services to a variety of clients. Our professional native Bosnian translators are working to satisfy the needs of not only private clients but also companies, government bodies and organisations. The translators we work with are carefully selected to ensure they have the required sector expertise, experience and linguistic skills to guarantee the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of their work for our clients.

We truly believe that each client is different and has specific expectations, which is why we make sure our Bosnian translation services are adapted to each project and to the individual needs of each client.


What we offer

  • Reliability, accuracy and services tailored to your specific needs
  • Assigned dedicated project managers
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Professional, native Bosnian translators with sector specific knowledge









Localisation of your documents

Here, at Translation Services 24, we are aware of the uniqueness of each language and its specificities. Our professional translators work with a localised approach on each project, taking into consideration the culture and particularities that come with the language itself. Indeed, translating literally expressions, jokes or slang does not do justice to the original, intended message.

That’s why our translators’ work is not just about translating word-for-word, but truly adapting the translation to the target language.
This applies for all kinds of documents: legal documents, marketing documents, websites and many others.

Sector expertise

Professional translators must be able to work on specific materials with a full knowledge in the right field. For example, translating legal documents requires knowledge of legal terms, laws and expressions that are involved in this sector to make sure the translation is accurate and reliable.

For marketing documents, translators must be familiar with marketing techniques as well as the culture that comes with the target language in order to provide an efficient localised translation.

Being a native Bosnian speaker is therefore not the only factor that comes into play. Whatever the type of document is, a specific knowledge in the right industry is essential to guarantee the efficiency and reliability of our professional translators to our clients.

Facts about the Bosnian language

The Bosnian language is a subset of Serbo-Croatian which is the primary language of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. The Serbo-Croatian language has 4 standard varieties and Bosnian is one of them. It is a South Slavic language and is spoken mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina (it is one of its three official languages along with Serbian and Croatian) by over 2 million people. It emerged as a distinct language after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s.

There is a debate concerning its naming: Bosnian VS Bosniak. In fact, Bosniaks constitute the Muslim community among the Bosnian population. Therefore, some of them believe the language should be referred to as “Bosniak”, but the term Bosnian is generally accepted.

The Bosnian language has mainly Latin roots. However, it is composed of two different alphabets which are the Latin one and the Cyrillic one. It has close ties with the Serbian and the Croatian language but does have points of distinction. It differentiates itself for example with its Arabic, Turkish and Persian loanwords that mostly come from Islamic ties, as part of the Bosnian population is Muslim.

These 3 languages are still intelligible to each other and its inhabitants can understand each other as they have a common structure, grammar, vocabulary and sound system. However, the Bosnian language is not used in Slovenia as well as in Kosovo, which makes it hard for their populations to communicate, as they can not understand each other in their native languages.

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