Catalan translation services

Catalan translation services

Translation Services 24 is a fast-growing and leading provider of Catalan translation services based in London. At Translation Services 24, we work with native professional translators with sector expertise to guarantee the quality of our translations. We believe every client and every project is unique, which is why we tailor our services to each one of them.

Our professional translators are carefully chosen to ensure the reliability of their work. We make sure they are not only native in the language they translate materials into, but also that they have industry knowledge and experience. This way, we make sure translators are available to translate documents/materials in all kinds of areas to meet our clients’ expectations. Their satisfaction is our priority.

We offer:

  • Professional, native Catalan translators with sector expertise
  • Reliability, accuracy and services tailored to your specific needs
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Assigned dedicated project managers
  • Officially certified translations

Sector Expertise

To translate professional documents accurately, a certain knowledge of the related area is essential. Being fluent in a language is not enough to translate medical documents for example. You would need to know about the technical terms, procedures and norms to transcribe the document correctly. The same goes for legal translations. To translate marketing materials or websites, there is a number of marketing concepts and techniques to know about as well. There are some sectors where you just can’t afford to compromise the accuracy of the documents translated.

No matter what the type of document is, there is always a minimum knowledge required to translate it appropriately and to guarantee its quality. We therefore make sure to assign the right translators with the right specialization according to each project, to guarantee the accuracy of the work.


At Translation Services 24, we are aware that each language different, unique and complex in its own way, which doesn’t leave room for word-for-word translations. Literal translations are simply not suitable, especially when it comes to professional documents, to transcribe messages accurately through different languages without altering their intended message. That’s why we pay so much attention to the localisation of documents.

There are a number of factors to consider when doing the work. Culture is one of them. It is important to adapt the translations to the target country, its norms and its customs, but also slang, expressions, etc. Many marketing campaigns failed abroad because of poor translations that were not adapted or inappropriate for their target audiences. These are situations you want to avoid and stay away from, hence the importance of picking the right translation agency.

Facts about the Catalan language

Catalan is an official regional language of Spain, and the official national language of Andorra. Although mainly spoken in the area Catalonia, it is also spoken in Italy, in the south of France (North Catalonia) as well as in some South-American countries, among other areas.

It is spoken by around 9 million people worldwide (native speakers and second-language speakers).

Despite what many people may think, Barcelona is not the area where Catalan is spoken the most. In fact, it is the part of Catalonia where the number of speakers is the lowest.

The Catalan language is part of the Indo-European family of languages. It more specifically belongs to the Roman branch (descendants of the languages that were spoken in the Roman empire) and derived from Vulgar Latin.

It is not a dialect of Spanish. It actually has more similarities with French and Italian than with Spanish.

Historically, the region of Catalonia has lost and gained independence multiple times, which caused the language to go through various phases. It was banned from 1940 to 1978 by Francisco Franco.


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