Dari translation services

Dari Translation Services

Translation services 24 is one of the fastest-growing and leading providers of Dari translation services in the UK. We work with native professional translators that have the skills and knowledge required to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of every project for each one of our clients.

At Translation Services 24, we believe that every single client is unique and that their needs require a tailored approach. Therefore, we always make sure that our native Dari translators have the right knowledge and experience in the appropriate fields to ensure that their work is accurate and fully adapted to your expectations.

What we offer

  • Professional, native Dari translators with sector expertise
  • Reliability, accuracy and services tailored to your specific needs
  • No hidden costs
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Assigned dedicated project managers
  • Officially certified translations

Sector expertise

For every sector we cover, we make sure we have native Dari translators specialised in the right area with the right knowledge and experience to translate documents reliably. Being aware of the basic specific notions, terms and processes is essential for the work to be efficient.

Translating marketing materials and legal or medical documents, for example, are completely different things. The transcreation of marketing materials and website translations imply a whole creative process and knowledge of marketing techniques and concepts. When it comes to medical translations, there are many technical terms and procedures to know about in order to make sure the work is done correctly, appropriately and reliably. The same goes for legal translations: there are some sectors where translators just can’t afford to make mistakes.


Our professional translators don’t just translate words; they carefully localise them. They make sure they are adapted to the target language and the culture that comes with it. Every language is complex and unique in its own way, which makes it hard to translate documents accurately without altering their intended message. It is almost impossible to translate messages word-for-word and keep their exact meaning.

When translating marketing materials or websites for example, there is a number of cultural factors to consider to keep their efficiency. Slogans are hard to translate literally, as rhymes and wordplays are what make them unique and have to be adapted to each language.

We therefore make sure every document we translate is carefully localised and adapted to the language, the culture and the recipient/audience.


Facts about the Dari language

Dari belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Dari and Farsi are both forms of Persian (Farsi being the form of the Persian language used in Iran).

It is the variety of Persian spoken in Afghanistan, its national language and one of its two official languages, the other one being Pashto.

Dari is the lingua-franca of Afghanistan and is the one taught at school and used in the media.

There are around 12 to 13 million Dari speakers in total. Half of the Afghan population uses Dari as their native language, and there are also Dari speakers in Iran and Pakistan.

The Dari language uses the Arabic/Persian alphabet, which is written from right to left and is also used for Farsi and Tajik (other forms of Persian). All of these varieties are mutually intelligible, although the differences increase when they are spoken orally, partly because of the different accents.

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