Greek Interpreters

Some facts about the Greek language
The Greek language is an Indo-European language. It is one of the oldest languages of the world and has been around for more than 34 centuries. There are more than 13 million speakers all over the world.


What translation services do we provide?
We are a UK based translation company and we provide language interpretation services for the Greek language. We understand the effect of globalization in today’s business world. It is only natural that you will eventually deal with people all over the world for business. In such situations, one of the major hurdles in the way of progress is language. WE help you cross those barriers by offering you Greek interpretation services you can trust. We offer simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation as well as telephonic interpretation. Although we are based in the United Kingdom, our services can reach you worldwide.

Our features
What makes us so unique is the excellent quality of our Greek interpreters. Greek interpretation is no child’s play. Our interpreters are very well-versed in the Greek language. They know all the dialects of the language and are trained in the finer subtleties of Greek. In addition to being linguistic experts, our interpreters are technical experts are well. Many of our interpreters are specialized in fields such as finance, science, computers and law. Hence, whatever type of business you deal in, it does not matter for we can handle all subject areas. Our interpreters are chosen after many tests and the screening procedure is very stringent. They have to clear all the levels before they can work for us. We only believe in first class quality and we do not compromise in any circumstances. We also have first class equipments to make interpretation easy for you. We will help you get that edge over your competitor.

Pricing and value for money
Global business needs investments that run into millions of dollars. Hence you would think twice before investing in us. But you need not worry! We provide you with value for money services. Our pricing policy is extremely transparent. Our prices are competitive. We are a one stop shop for interpretation services. You can be rest assured that you will not regret doing business with us. We interpret ideas. We cater to conferences, board meetings, courtroom interpretations as well as telephonic interpretations.