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TS24 are a leading provider of translation and interpreting services in London. Our translation services in London ensure high quality, accuracy and competitive prices.  The Gujarati language is an Indo-Aryan language. It is derived form another language known as Rajasthani. Gujarati is a native language of India and is mainly spoken in the western state of Gujarat. It is also spoken in neighbouring regions of Daman and Diu as well as Dadra and Nagarhaveli. It is the 26th most spoken language in the world with the number of Gujarati speakers crossing 46 million. The famous freedom fighter Gandhi spoke Gujarati as his mother tongue. Gujaratis are known to be enterprising businessmen. Hence, it is no surprise if you come across them in your business dealings.


What interpretation services do we provide?
We are a UK based interpretation services providing company. We are specialists in the Gujarati language. We have top quality interpreters who have dealt with Gujarati for years. Their experience is valuable and this makes the quality of interpretation first class!

Immigration is on the rise; so is the expansion of business on a global scale. It is only natural for you to interact with many people on the way. We help you overcome language hurdles that may hamper your business dealings. We provide Gujarati interpretation services in all subject areas. We are experts in conference interpretation, negotiations, court room interpretation as well as telephonic interpretation. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Our interpreters
Our interpreters are chosen from the best. Rigorous screening tests are conducted to filter out the best possible interpreters for you. All of our interpreters are professionally qualified. We try to hire only native Gujaratis for interpretation services as they would then be dealing with their mother tongue making interpretation all the more effective. They understand the need of the client and hence you can be assured of receiving only the best. We also brief you on how to get the best out of the interpreter that we provide for your needs. Even though we are based in the United Kingdom, out interpreters will extend their services to any other location as well.

We area on stop shop for interpretation services
We provide simultaneous as well as consecutive interpretation. We have all equipments that are necessary for conference interpretations as well. We organise large scale as well as small scale conference interpretations. In addition to that, we also do interpretations for small meeting or personal needs. Our prices are affordable. We will give you value for money.