How Translation Services Help Businesses Avoid Miscommunication

How Translation Services Help Businesses Avoid Miscommunication

Expanding your online business on an international level is quite an achievement. Your brand is exposed to global clients, and people worldwide are interested in your products or services. However, there is one challenge every business owner faces: diversity in communication.

When working internationally, you should have the means to communicate with your audiences and employee pool in their native languages. You’re less likely to fulfil anyone’s needs and demands if you can’t comprehend what they say.

Thus, it’s essential to know how to avoid miscommunication. This post will discuss how you can overcome this barrier with the help of an expert UK translation service agency.


Translation Services Agency Can Help You Business With Communication


Miscommunication in Business

Companies focus more on converting customers and generating revenue. But they overlook how they are going into a loss due to inadequate communication. According to a survey, large companies lose around $64.2 million annually due to miscommunication.

Many companies follow the traditional hierarchical structure for communication. It includes the following:

1. Board of Directors (BoDs)
2. Chief Officers (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO)
3. Managers
4. Officers
5. Workers

Most of the time, communication occurs electronically via e-mails and virtual meetings. This can happen with internal as well as external communication.

Internal Communication

Communicating with your employees is essential. Keeping each worker in the loop is best way to ensure a smooth workflow.

Unfortunately, a gap between Senior-level management and the entre-level workforce can become more apparent as a company’s size increases. It mainly happens when the higher management focuses more on their internal agendas rather than giving light to the issues of their employees.

More importantly, communication gets complicated if your employees are from different nationalities.


Internal and external business communications


External Communication

Companies spend a lot to convert international prospects into customers. They run different marketing campaigns, hire business analysts, and even pressure the lower management to give their maximum.

However, miscommunication can play a significant role in a business failing to approach customers correctly.

Since clients across international waters prefer communicating in their language, it’s best to hire a professional translation service provider to streamline the communication. You can also localise your website and translate internal and external business communications using this service.

Most of the time, a company’s decision-makers might overlook the miscommunication inside their business. It’s because they might never see the consequence. Be it the employees or the customers, they might be too busy to realise that miscommunication impacts their business tremendously.

But with the help of an officially certified translation service, they can get back on track and win the trust of their employees and customers within no time.

Example of a Business Miscommunication

Due to miscommunication, a cloud computing software company, “Nutanix,” which outsources all its manufacturing requirements, was stuck in a never-ending loop. The company has 5,000+ employees working, meaning communication is the key between their different business departments.

According to the report, the company was in contact with more than 50 divisions outside the company, including:

• Supply chain
• Manufacturers
• Distributors
• Partners

The company’s design and internal communication were smooth. They used a platform to set project milestones and hand over the deliverables in the timeline. The CTO provided additional support via that platform if the team needed that.

When the company began to expand, management became very difficult. As the orders were increasing, so were the product complications. Also, storing such a vast amount of data in so little time was challenging.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t have a platform to communicate with external teams. They used Excel spreadsheets to manage data and e-mails to address the issues.

The miscommunication led to a considerable loss when the change request was completed but in the wrong way.

For example, a client complained that the service was missing feature A. The team received the complaint, modified the deliverable, and sent the updated version to the client. But that version never got any feature A but feature B.

Such miscommunication due to diversified employees and lack of a suitable platform resulted in poor performance. As a result, the whole business cycle was affected. Completing extra procurement, development, testing, and deployment faced unacceptable delays.

The company then got assistance from a professional translation service and revamped the business flow. All information was localised and made available in an understandable language for every employee.

That way, the company picked up its pace again and started delivering orders accurately.

Translation Services Making International Communications Easy

Manufacturing giants outsource packaging material, usually from China. It’s budget-friendly and has fewer legal complications. However, there’s a communication barrier between borders.

Since English is a lingua franca for most manufacturing companies, they struggle to deal with Chinese suppliers because of the language difference.

But with the help of a professional translation service, all documents and order details can be translated into Chinese without any ambiguous or misleading statements. These service providers not only translate but:

• Proofread
• Check punctuation
• Validate currency

Thus, translation services make communication while outsourcing easier than ever before.

When there’s miscommunication while placing orders, companies suffer huge losses. They deal in thousands of packaging materials and other resources.

Most companies customise their orders and send detailed documentation, stating everything in segments to leave no space for mistakes. However, there’s a big chance of failure if an unprofessional translation agency translates these documents.

Regardless of what business you are running, translating documents and localising your website have become a necessity. However, the whole process is quite time-consuming if you plan to do it independently.

If your company doesn’t do business on a large scale, you can invest time localising your website with an expert’s guidance. But, of course, this costs you time and energy.


Translation services bridge the gap between you, your clients, and your employees.

Hiring a professional translation service is a long-term investment because it boosts your business’s ranking in the online world. Also, your company gets exposure to the global clientele.

Investors from all over the world need to understand what you are selling. Therefore, avoid miscommunication by employing professional translation services in your business, regardless of the product or service you offer. Doing so keeps your business operations smooth and error-free.



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