Do you REALLY need professional translation services?

High quality, accurate translation and localisation of marketing material, such as websites is perhaps one of the most important and vital measures a business must take in order to successfully reach and obtain new customers in foreign markets. In today’s globalised world, where internet rules our lives, both professional and personal, and where over 20% people purchase goods from foreign countries, professional and reliable translation of your marketing material is strategic for the development of your business.

Working for a translation agency, in the recent years we have seen a great increase in demand for the translation of marketing material, whether it’s websites, brochures or entire marketing campaigns. Today, companies and business owners realise that in order to maintain a professional image of their company, they simply must provide the highest quality material to their customers.

Approaching this matter professionally from the beginning, can later on save your business not only money and time, but also embarrassment, should there be any silly translation mistakes on your material. A number of companies, including giants such as Pepsi or KFC, unfortunately had to learn this the hard way…

In order for the translating material to be of highest possible standard, it is rather essential that the documents are translated not only word-for-word, but also carefully localised. The translator assigned must not only be a native speaker of the given language, but what’s equally important must comprehend any cultural, political or local nuances.

A great example of how important this really can be, could be translating marketing material for the Chinese market. While in the western countries colour white is associated with freshness and cleanliness, in china, white resembles…death. Now, I guess you wouldn’t necessarily want your product to be linked with such, would you?

Working with professional translators who are also experts in their given fields, whether it’s legal, marketing or technical sectors, can result in much more than just an accurate translation. Higher return on investment or carefully localised approach to new market are just examples among the advantages.