Translate Marriage Certificate From Spanish To English

Translate Spanish Marriage Certificate To English

Translation Services 24 UK offers fully accredited and certified translations of marriage certificates from Spanish into English, (European & South American Spanish). Our marriage certificate translations are fully certified for the legal usage and accepted by authorities such as the Home Office or Courts of Law. We are able to translate your Spanish marriage certificate and match the layout and look of the original document – and can do that within just 1-2 working days!

Whether you have moved to the United Kingdom from abroad or were lucky enough to have your wedding in a paradise bay and your documents are in Spanish, the UK’s top translation service will professionally adopt your documents, keeping the original look of your marriage certificate. We will also officially certify the document, ensuring that it is accepted and recognised by legal authorities, such as Home Office or Courts of Law. So if you need to translate your Spanish marriage certificate, we can help you with that within just 1 working day.


Spanish Marriage Certificate Translations:

  • ✔ Officially & Fully certified
  • ✔ Fully authenticated
  • ✔ Recognised by Home Office
  • ✔ With a official letter & stamp
  • ✔ Translated & Certified within 1-2 working days


UK Translate Marriage Certificate

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The Procedure

Certified Translations do not have to be complicated and expensive. We understand that and can translate a Spanish marriage certificate within just 24 hours of receiving the document. You may scan and email over your document to save time or simply send over a good-quality picture. Once translated we initially email back the translation and certified letter. We will also send out a first class copy in the post which will be fully stamped and signed by our management team, all included in the price of the translation!


What’s the next step…

You may email your marriage certificate directly to or alternatively give a member of our team a call on 020 8677 3775 to discuss the translation. we look forward to hearing from you!