6 things you should know before dating a translator




  1. We judge            

    Going out on a romantic date to an Italian restaurant? Prepare yourself. As someone who provides professional translation services, we will go through the menu at least a couple of times, making you think we’re looking for something delicious to eat, but in fact – the truth is a little bit darker. Be certain, we are not deciding between the different types of pasta. Instead, we’re trying to find a mistake in the menu. Who did this? Now, that’s just silly…I’m pretty certain they used a machine translation!  These are just some of the thoughts that go through our minds in such situations. Anyhow, after finding even the smallest mistake in translation of the menu – you’ll see a cheeky smile, because our night just got even better.


  2. We always work 

    And we just can’t seem to force ourselves to stop. Whether we’re travelling, having a nice day out with family or simply going to buy milk – We never stop working. Our brains are somehow wired to see, compare and translate without us even consciously knowing. Suddenly, we’ll remember a project we completed two years ago and realise how absolutely silly we were for using ‘these’ instead of ‘those’! Be sure to comfort us in these hard times.

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  3. We know we’re better than your ex

    It really doesn’t matter who they were and what they did in life. A doctor? CEO? An astronaut? What difference does it make if they couldn’t name all the dialects of India if their life depended on it?

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  4. We will correct you all the time

    We may be able to turn a blind eye if you forget a comma once in a while, but be sure we will not tolerate spelling and grammar mistakes. ‘To’ instead of ‘too’ and we will be gone for a day. ‘Than’ instead of ‘then’ and we’ll leave for a week. ‘There’ instead of ‘their’ and you may just never see us again…

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  5. We’ll ask you for more context 

    Whether it’s you, your friend or a family member asking for help because they don’t understand something, we will simply refuse to translate anything without knowing the whole context. I mean, the difference between ‘screw’ and ‘bolt’ is not obvious and we won’t humiliate ourselves if the context defines the meaning, we never take that risk!
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  6. We are either a translator or interpreter, not both!

    We expect you to know the difference between a translator and interpreter without us explaining it to you. Do you know the difference between night and day without anyone telling you? Exactly…
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