A Guide To Translating User-Generated Content

Best Practices for Translating User-Generated Content for an International Audience

Do you want to gain the attention of an international audience but need a strategy to do so? Don’t lose hope, as we share the most efficient solution.

With the help of an established translation agency, you can translate user-generated content in various languages to attract leads and, eventually, customers.

If you think that’s a good idea, dive in to learn more about how user-generated translation services can change how you increase your client base.

Translate User-Generated Content

What Is User-generated Content?

User-generated content, or UGC, is content curated by an individual who isn’t directly related to your business. The creators are usually customers or users of your product, designing this content through podcasts, video reels, TikTok and so on.

Did you hear about the recent TikTok video made by Trinidad Sandoval? The content had nothing except for a customer reviewing an eye cream. This simple video went viral within days, and the brand sold out its entire stock.

There aren’t any fancy images or visuals in that video. Instead, it covers a customer’s real views about the product that many people trust. This is the power of user-generated content.

There is more than one type of user-generated content. The common ones are testimonials and reviews. However, images, videos, live streams, YouTube content and social media posts are equally influential.

93% of marketers agree that the influence of content created by customers has far more potential than one designed by the brand itself. And that is what works here. But have you ever wondered why that is so?

The Effectiveness of User-Generated Content

Here is a question. Who would you trust the most when making a buying decision? Is it the brand or a fellow customer?

We, most likely, believe and act on the recommendations of family and friends rather than the company. This is because we naturally consider their choices as authentic.

This is what works for user-generated content. UGC is an example of word of mouth in today’s times. Most consumers view user-generated content 2.4 times more than the one curated by the brand.

It won’t be wrong to label UGC content as social proof, ensuring the worth of your existing product. For instance, when your audience sees a particular buyer with the same body image as those wearing your product, they will be encouraged and influenced to spend money on your service or product.

Then, those same consumers will spread the word, giving your brand new leads and consumers to cater to.

How Can a Strong UGC Strategy Benefit You? 

A smooth UGC strategy can help your company in more ways than you can imagine. For instance, you can use testimonials and reviews in your landing pages, emails, and social media posts to take your brand’s authenticity to a new level.

Additionally, consumer-generated content helps build your community and a loyal audience. When you allow your customers to be a part of your brand’s growth and not just spectators, you develop loyalty among them. This helps your customers feel important and consider themselves part of your journey.

One of the top benefits of user-generated content is that it is very convenient to adapt it. The UGC strategy is flexible and almost free unless you pay your loyal consumers to share their reviews. But even then, user-generated content is far more cost-effective than influencer marketing.

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Reasons to Translate User-Generated Content

You are lucky if you have a lot of valuable user-generated customers. However, what if it’s in English and you wish to use it for your Spanish market? It won’t work, especially if the international audience doesn’t get the language.

To overcome this issue, you must use UGC translation services’ assistance to translate the content into multiple languages.

As per statistics, 66% of customers trust reviews before purchasing. In that case, you can translate UGC content to increase the reach. Hence, it influences a maximum number of global audiences at a time.

You can have the same content in various languages through user-generated translation services. As a result, your social media team doesn’t have to work extra hard to create new posts. In addition, you can also have enough content for your website.

You can achieve many goals by having a certified translation team on board. The team can help you launch a social media channel to be viewed by a global audience.

What’s more, you can use the translated versions of your product reviews to enter a new market with your existing services and expand your internal marketing plan.

As long as you follow the strategy smoothly, you can also increase the conversion rate of your online shoppers and flaunt the success of your team or product by using different languages.

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Best Practices for Using Translated User-Generated Content

While using this content can change your business’ fate for good, it is not fair to use it without considering a few best practices. There are a few tips that you must follow to create a solid impact.

  • Ensure you always have consent before posting a customer’s review on your platform. Re-sharing a customer’s review without permission may hurt your brand’s goodwill and put you in their bad books.
  • When sharing user-generated content on your social media pages, don’t forget to give the original creator the credit they deserve. You should always tag their name on your posts, so the world knows who created it for you.
  • Your brand might look at every user-generated content as an opportunity to grow. However, ensuring that the content aligns with your marketing strategy to produce the same or more output as expected is imperative.

If you want your brand to create an impact and grow exponentially, don’t take your user-generated content for granted. Even if you must request your customers to send in their honest reviews, do that and exhibit it on your social media channels.

But make sure to use UGC translation services to translate every piece of content in various languages. This is an excellent strategy for connecting with an international audience and becoming a global success.

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