Consecutive Interpreting Services

Consecutive interpreting is when the speaker delivers a chunk of information and then pauses for the interpreter to deliver the information into the target language. The interpreter usually takes notes while to speaker talks typically using a notepad, although some consecutive interpreters use other technological devises. This form of interpreting, although takes more time than simultaneous interpreting, is known to be more concise as the interpreters have more time to think before delivering the message. Consecutive interpreting services are typically used in court, intimate business meetings and training sessions. Simultaneous interpreting can also be provided but incurs more costs as two interpreters are required and usually some equipment to accompany the interpreters.

Consecutive Interpreting Services for Business

Our translation agency provide specialist consecutive interpreters trained in different business sectors. Often terminologies and concepts are best interpreted when the interpreter also has an in-depth knowledge within the topic of discussion and is native in the target language of interpretation.
Our consecutive interpreting services are provided in 150 languages for many business sectors. We cater for the UK and international markets, having interpreters spread all over the world in different languages.

Our Interpreting Expertise

We have been providing consecutive interpreting services to business worldwide for many years. In addition we also provide a range of interpreting services suited for different situations. Our services include:

Booking a Consecutive Interpreter

It’s advised to speak to a Translation Services 24 rep before deciding what type of interpreter you need. In addition to consecutive interpreting services we also provide a different range of interpreting services which may be more suited for your needs.
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