The evolution of translator’s desk

As translators, each and every one of us loves the fact that we are able to work from the comfort of our own home, pretty much everyday. We all have that special corner where the ‘magic’ happens. Although we don’t think about it much, can you imagine (remember) what the life of a translator looked like just 15 years ago? Surely, many of us would be lost without the technology available to us today. Our desks are the ‘command centre’ and our computers are nothing but the very heart of it. Below, you can see an interesting image, showing how the desk of a translator changed over the years! Although we’re pretty sure the ‘2014’ desk organisation is many translators’ dream and we can’t see cups of coffee and other ‘translator-at-work’ items (can you name any?) anywhere, we still call it efficiency!

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Items we’ve noticed are definitely missing: