Google Pixel Buds vs. Professional Interpreter

Google Pixel Buds vs. professional interpreters: Which is more accurate?

In the recent months, there has been a lot of excitement in the media for Google’s new language device – Google Buds. The real-time translation tool would be a holy grail for frequent travellers and perhaps even the international business sector, nevertheless, alike any machine translation, the accuracy and quality of translation was in question.

In order to address that very issue of reliability, Raymond Wong from MashableUK invited professional interpreters, Lana Ayad and Marina Ivanova to have them judge the accuracy of the Pixel Buds in 3 languages — French, Arabic and Russian.

Similarly to the Google Translator, Google Buds are a great and convenient tool for helping you to get by if you don’t speak the local language in a foreign country or for loose translations of text. Nonetheless, they are definitely not replacements for professional human translators as humans can not only interpret faster, but also wouldn’t translate “I want to eat salad” from Arabic into “I want to eat power” in English…