Language Localization


Language localization is the adaptation of any language file to make it suitable to a specific audience. Localization might involve translation but it can also be done for regions where the people speak the same language but have different dialects and idioms. Language localization requires comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs.

Translation Services 24 offers a top-class language language localization services to suit any requirements.

We localize any type of documents and files including:

• Websites and emails • Marketing material
• Packaging and labelling • Movies and TV programs
• Manuals and users guides • Software
• Educational material • Articles

Language Localization Expertise

Language localization involves the adaptation of metaphors and figures of speech to make them suitable to the target locale. This requires a deep understanding of the target culture and language, otherwise the meaning of the text can acquire a completely different connotation.

To provide the best possible translations and adaptations, our professionals translate only into their native languages and have many years’ professional experience in their respective fields. The linguistic quality assurance process implies a two-stage checks and an additional and independent proof- reading.

Translation Services 24‘s localization services allow our clients to deliver high quality localized website to diverse international markets.

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