Quality Control in The Translation Process

Quality Control in The Translation Process


In majority of cases, an accurate and reliable translation of documents can be critical. The quality assurance process adopted by a language translation agency handling the project is therefore a crucial factor in the quality of service they deliver, and consequently, the quality of your translation.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality of our work, Translation Services 24 implements proven and strict quality assurance procedures for every type of translation, whether it’s legal, marketing, financial, technical or medical type. Every translation is a subject to precise quality assurance measures. First and foremost, all our translators are highly-qualified and offer specialist skill sets in specific business sectors. This also extends to linguists with native tongues who understand specific types of translation service such as localisation and transcreation. The quality of a translation can only be as good as the team assigned to carry out the work. Consequently, we not only use a team of expert linguists, but also work with experienced project managers who are responsible for communication and timeliness. We understand that meeting deadlines is one of the most important aspects of professional translation services.


The core process we use at Translation Services 24 is the TEP process – Translate, Edit and Proof. By using this system, your translations are viewed and reviewed by several experts and proofread for accuracy, clarity and cultural nuances.



The first translation lays the foundations for the quality of the final piece. Without exception, we always select the most qualified linguist for the job. For translations which require specialist knowledge, our agency uses qualified linguists who have knowledge and experience in the relevant business field.

Additionally, here at TS24, we work only with native speaking linguists who have an in-depth knowledge not only of the language, but also of the target country itself. For example, a legal translator should have knowledge of the legal system in the country the legal documents were issued and the country which the translation is required for. Marketing specialists also play a vital role when translating marketing material for international businesses. Knowledge of the local audience can have a definitive impact on the success of a marketing campaign and the overall view of a brand in a foreign country.

The introduction of machine translations also enables us to speed up the process of translations in circumstances where there is a lot of documents to plough through. The e-discovery process in legal cases is a prime example.n Although the initial draft with machine translations is less accurate than using a qualified linguist, they still produce a 90% accuracy rate which enables us to dramatically reduce the cost of the first draft of translations. Clients can then assess the roughly translated documents and determine which documents need resubmitting for a thorough examination. These documents with then follow our standardised TEP process for quality assurance.



Even though we are confident the linguists we use deliver excellent results, translations of the highest quality require more than one pair of eyes. We therefore have a team of highly-qualified editors who look to improve the first draft.

Our editors are trained specialists or native speakers that understand local nuances, customs and slang terms which may have a different interpretation to a foreign audience.

The editor is also responsible for catching any errors the first draft may contain. Although our translators perform an edit check themselves, small errors can be missed when only one pair of eyes has been looking at the same document for so long.



Project manager

Our project managers are responsible for overseeing the entire project from beginning to end and are tasked with maintaining the linguistic quality assurance and ensure translations are clear, correct and concise. This also includes ensuring the translation flows well and the formatting meets your expectations. Depending on the size of a project, translations may be carried out by several translators and editors. The role of the project manager is to liaise with the translation team.


Desktop publishing

Translation projects not only require accurate translations, but in many cases they also have to be presented in a format which is suitable for your particular requirements or designed for a specific audience.

The formatting stage is typically carried out by our desktop publishing team who prepare the document to match the original material whilst also being sensitive to the cultural nuances of the target audience. For example, in Asian markets colours and symbols carry a great meaning and consequently they must be carefully adopted and localised specifically for the target audience. While the colour white is considered clean and aesthetic in the western world, in a number of Asian countries, such as China, it often symbolises death. Our project managers work closely with clients from the start to understand your specific requirements and offer advice where necessary. Project managers are also responsible for communicating advice offered by local experts to discuss recommended changes your target audience will find more appealing.



The final stage of our process is proofing. This involves making any final alterations to the document before we deliver the final translation to the client. This is arguably the most important stage of the TEP process.

The linguist responsible for this stage of the process has the most responsibility because it is their decision by which we deliver the final product. Linguists engaged in these positions are experts in style and terminology and have a deep understanding of the requirements needed for high-quality translations. The TEP process ensures we deliver translations of the highest-quality to ensure translated material has a positive impact for your business. As part of our commitment to our clients, we look to reduce business risk so only use experts we can rely on to provide relevant advice and deliver the service you expect from a premium-quality language translation service.

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