What Type of Translation Services Does Your Business Need?

What Type of Translation Services Do You Need For Your Business?

In the internet/digital era, a robust online presence is essential if you want to expand your business and improve its ROI (Return on Investment). To transcend language barriers and appeal to the masses, it is crucial to integrate professional translation services into the marketing, client dealing, sales, legal or content areas of your business operations.

Given the rapidly emerging small businesses in the United Kingdom, more companies are drawn towards working directly with Language Services Providers (LSPs) to help market their services, ideas and products globally.

In this article, we discuss in detail the different types of language translations, the benefits of professional translation services and explain why you need them for a successful and long-running business.

Types of Business Translation Services

Why Does Your Business Need a Translation Service?

Here are some of the primary reasons why your business needs a translation service:

  • Customer-Centric Marketing
  • Building a Diverse Team
  • Networking with Local Businesses
  • Increase in ROI

Why Your Business Needs Translation Services

Customer-Centric Marketing

No matter how excellent the quality of your product is, you always bank on effective marketing for sales.

Considering the diversity in culture and its impact on the likes and dislikes of different communities, your approach always needs to be customer-centric when going global with your product.

According to Harvard’s report on global consumerism, 72.1% of internet users spend most of their time on websites that use their native language. Therefore, when approaching your potential customers, hiring a certified translation agency can help execute personalised marketing, which works wonders for your sales.

Building a Diverse Team

Hiring local people from diverse backgrounds is good for your brand image and can fundamentally help build a competitive workforce.

Several communities speaking different languages inhabit a country, and citizens are generally inclined towards supporting businesses that offer jobs to locals.

Keeping this in mind, translators can help build your business in several ways. First, they can get more individuals to apply for the job, thus forming a competitive workforce having various skill sets.

Secondly, using a translation service to hire locals can also reduce costs, as hiring expats is comparatively more expensive.

Networking With Local Businesses and Authorities

Fostering better relations with local government and corporate giants is crucial for growth in international /multinational companies.

A translator can represent you as a focal person when dealing with other companies. Building effective communication does not only help with connections but can also bring in investments and partnerships.

Additionally, a translation service also comes in handy in understanding local laws and customs as well as representing you in front of the authorities in case of disputes.

Proven Increase In ROI

Just a simple look at the stats reflects how translation service is central to brand expansion and growth.

In terms of monetary benefits, investing in a promising certified translation service can increase your total revenue by 1.5 times.

Machine VS. Human Translation For Business Content

Before we jump to the type of translation service your business needs, let’s understand the difference between human and machine translation:
As the name indicates, machine translation, or MT, involves the usage of algorithms and digital apps for text (and sometimes verbal translation).

While generic free tools like Google Translate exist, paid customised programs are considered better in a professional setting.

On the other hand, human translation involves employing multilingual people who communicate on your behalf with customers and clients in their local language. Human translation service comes in the form of agencies or independent freelancers.

Which Translation Service Do You Need For Business Expansion and Growth?

Both machine and human translation services have pros and cons that you should weigh to decide which benefit your business needs, but as expected, human translations ensure more accuracy.

Machine translation is the fastest way to translate your content. With well-developed applications and software, you can easily translate 40,000 to 45,000 words in minutes.

However, machine translation does pose a problem with accuracy, and most of the time, content is not 100% accurate. Additionally, it often fails to incorporate a local cultural aspect, which makes it difficult for a brand to connect with the public if they opt for this service.

On the other hand, human translation, while slower, ensures a human touch. An excellent certified translation service involves people who know the language and are well-acquainted with local customs and references. This plays a massive role in appealing to your target audience.

Machine translation works for your business in cases of less complex work and when the workload is high, and you need to accelerate the process. However, the chances of inaccurate translations can be risky when dealing with financial and legal documents, so human translation should be preferred in this case.

How To Choose A Certified Translation Service Agency?

Hiring a provider that can supply official and certified translations should be part of marketing and business expansion, which is why a lot of time and money goes into it.

To get the best return on your investment, look for an agency committed to providing essential and accurate translation services that may help your business grow.

Here are some of the things you should look for:

● Do a detailed background check on the company and its network of translators. Ensure that the linguists are not just fluent in the language but also familiar with the customs and general ideas of the community you’re dealing with.
● Request a reference or testimonials.
● Check their portfolio, and evaluate how they have helped other companies similar to yours.
● Each brand has a different target audience. When it comes to marketing, ensure the agency is open to discussing necessary strategic amends that align with your business agenda.


This article discussed translation services, their importance for business expansion, and globalisation.

With a vast number of small businesses springing up every left, right, and centre, the competition in corporate is at an all-time high. Adopting strategies like incorporating multiple languages in marketing and general dealings can help make your business stand out.

It is also essential to remember that when hiring a translation service agency, always take the necessary steps to ensure they are legit and have worked with similar brands as yours before. The last thing you want to deal with is fixing translation mistakes that could have been avoided should you have worked with a professional translation agency.


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