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What does the future of the translation industry look like?


May 2017

What does the future of the translation industry look like?

By admin

  Future of translation services Technology is changing practically all aspects of the world at a phenomenal rate. And the translation industry is no exception. Up to now, digital technologies have gifted linguists unprecedented freedoms and language translation is featured in the best top ten careers. But what does the future hold for the language […]

The evolution of translator’s desk


Sep 2015

The evolution of translator’s desk

In Culture & Lifestyle By admin

As translators, each and every one of us loves the fact that we are able to work from the comfort of our own home, pretty much everyday. We all have that special corner where the ‘magic’ happens. Although we don’t think about it much, can you imagine (remember) what the life of a translator looked […]

5 Funny Google translate results


Aug 2015

5 Funny Google translate results

  We all know it – machine translations will never be able to replace human translators or professional translation agencies. They are however, even in 2017, extremely generous when it comes to giving us reasons to giggle. Below, you can find 5 funny results from Google Translate. 1.       Flanders Is there a more iconic neighbour […]


Jan 2015

From Wearable to Digestible Technology

If you think the idea of wearable technology is still hard to swallow, well, you might find yourself actually swallowing one of them in the near future, literally. Weeks ago the buzz and fuss was on the Google Glass, health monitoring wristbands and such. What we missed out on was a very different offering from […]

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