Interpreting Equipment Hire

Interpreting equipment hire is an additional service we provide to coincide with our interpreting services.

Interpreting Equipment Hire – supplying the UK

We provide both interpreting services and equipment delivery and set-up within the UK covering 150 languages. Whether you need to facilitate an intimate training setting with 20 attendees or you have 500 delegates needing 5 different languages options, we have price competitive solutions within the UK.

Interpreting equipment hire

Available Equipment

Interpreter’s booths – Our interpreting booths comply with industry standards. We can supply multiple booths depending on the requirements, each language will need its own booth and 2 simultaneous interpreters to work within them. The booths are made to discreetly fit into most venues.

Delegate headsets – We provide wireless headsets typically for each delegate. The delegate has an option to tune into 16 channels (16 languages at once) and a control for the volume.

Conference microphones – The microphones allow the interpreters hear and interpret all participants in the event. We have a range of microphones available which suit different settings.

Transmission system – Our inferred transmission system allows all communication to be wireless.

Technical engineer – We deliver and set-up the equipment for your event anywhere in the UK. In addition we will have a technician manning the equipment throughout the event to optimise the user experience.

Interpreters for Events and Conferences

We have simultaneous interpreters that work with our equipment within 150 languages. Our interpreters specialise in different business sectors and are all experienced and qualified to interpret for large international conferences.

Additional Interpreting Services

We provide a range of professional translation services in addition to our interpreting equipment hire, supporting businesses with language solutions for events, these include:

Get in Touch

For more information on out interpreting equipment hire service please in touch with a local adviser by sending your enquiry to or giving us a call on +44 (0) 208 677 3775.

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