How Translation Services Adapt to Linguistic Changes

How Do Translation Services Adapt to Changes in Language?

Languages are anything but boring. They constantly evolve, adding new words to the dictionary every year. A few years back, words like ‘bling’ and ‘caffeinating’ didn’t exist in English. But now we use such terms every day.

Similarly, in 2023, terms such as ‘Doggo’, ‘Chef’s Kiss’, and ‘Jumpscare’ made it to Merriam-Webster, updating the English language for the next generation. But why does the language actually change? Besides, who decides this evolution, and how does it impact professional translation services?

To find answers to these questions, we prepared this article together with our expert translation and language experts. Enjoy!

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How and Why Does Language Evolve?

‘Binge-watching’, ‘herd immunity’, and ‘spine-tingling’ moments are just a few of the terms that have recently made their way into our language. Such youth slang conveniently replaces the traditional words that our parents and grandparents once used.

Interestingly, in the past century, the German language alone has changed by a third. This growth is predicted to increase more in the coming years. The same is true for other languages as well. The reasons mainly include globalisation, technical innovations, a strong influence of Gen Z, and social debate.

For instance, Generation Z rules the world with their social media use. They use these platforms to express themselves more than any previous generation has. This results in the generation of new words combining the English expressions and native language.

Words like ‘cray’ and ‘woke’ are just some of the terms that have quickly made a place in our regular lives. This isn’t surprising at all. Generation Z spends most of their time on their mobile phones, so developing a social media language is pretty predictable.

Similarly, innovations also give birth to terms never heard before. Plastic-free, bee-friendly, and refuel are some terms produced as a result of the latest technologies that have emerged in the past few years.

Before 1998, who would have imagined the existence and importance of the term “Google it”? Words like “deep fake” and “clickbait” may have been considered jokes.

Today, all these terms are a crucial part of our language. And they hold immense importance in certain situations experienced in our daily lives. Interestingly, without them, it becomes hard to convey a message clearly.

Does Language Evolution Affect Us? 

Just like any other change in the world, language evolution impacts both businesses and individuals. Simply put, language changes affect every person. However, if you stay updated, you won’t feel the results of evolution much.

It is essential for your business to incorporate new terms in your content. This way, you can suit the needs of your target audience. Besides, this strategy also helps expand your customer reach. But it isn’t possible to practise this idea for everyone.

Language is usually taken for granted. This means many people don’t value the difference it can make. Or worse, most businesses don’t know how to use new terms in their content.

Certified translation services exist to overcome this huge problem. Do you know what these are? Keep reading to find out.

Importance of Certified Translation Services 

It takes work to keep up with new language terms coming out every day. Since the world is becoming more connected and closer than ever, it is expected to lose control of the changes happening in your language.

This is where officially certified translation services come in. Translation agencies, such as TS24, have teams of linguistic experts ready to help you take over the fast-paced language evolution by storm.

Translation agencies have well-experienced professional translators to offer top-class translation services. Besides, they are equipped enough to know all the new trending words taking over the language landscape globally.

That said, translators are also humans and, hence, face new challenges with every change in the language sector.

For example, it is hard to embrace linguistic evolution with cultural insights. This means that to understand the changes in a language, translators must deeply analyse the culture associated with it. This is imperative to generate more accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

Additionally, translators must specialise in those areas to translate the specific terms used in a particular industry to understand the ‘real meanings.’ Industry-specific knowledge is required to produce accurate translations.

Adapting to a new linguistic landscape without continuous learning is difficult. Translators need to keep themselves updated through courses, workshops, and seminars to stay abreast of all the linguistic developments.


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How Do Professional Translation Service Providers Overcome the Above Challenges to Adapt to the New Evolution? 

Suppose you want to get an accurate and updated translation of a copy. In that case, getting in touch with the best translation services is imperative.

This is because the services offered by a reputable translation agency like TS24 are best, and that’s because companies registered with the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) usually:

  • Stay informed of the cultural and linguistic shifts or trends. They also understand changes in the meaning of a term in various languages.
  • Employ native experts and speakers. This makes it easy to create accurate and culturally relevant translations.
  • Use technology to benefit from the latest translation software like CAT tools. As a result, they manage to produce consistent translations within a short time.
  • Develop a growth mindset, taking every challenge as an opportunity to improve. Best services keep learning from experts to improve their skills.
  • Seek feedback without thinking twice. Client reviews help such services improve their work. Feedback is also essential to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Make sure you read reviews and conduct appropriate research before hiring a translation service provider. The best ones can genuinely take away the stress caused by a rapid evolution in linguistics.

Final Takeaway

It may get overwhelming to keep track of all the new terms that have become part of your language recently.

If you want to stay caught up, getting in touch with the best professional translation services providers is essential. They will assist you with all your content. Such services have the most talented translators to help you quickly create accurate translations. Moreover, they are experienced and adaptive toward linguistic evolution, overcoming all language challenges that may come their way.


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