Localisation & Translation Services for the Financial Industry

The Importance of Certified Translation Services for the Financial Industry

Globalisation is becoming increasingly prevalent thanks to growing technological advancements, leading businesses in expanding their assets across borders.

Businesses dealing with global transactions in the financial industry are taking the key steps to get this right. They are faced with many challenges and must consider key factors to do this well. One area they should factor in is localising and translating their documents with the help of a professional translation service provider.

Expanding business internationally has many benefits, including a larger target market, a more comprehensive commercial network, and increased revenue. However, it also poses risks, including cybercrimes.

Protecting your clients’ financial value against these threats is crucial, and by partnering with a trustworthy translation services provider you’ll avoid the risk of sensitive information either being breached and mistranslated.

This article explains what financial localisation is and its importance for your business.

Importance of translations in the financial industry

Financial Localisation: How is it Done?

Financial localisation is the process of translating and ensuring that all corporate documents are accessible, readable, and understandable for an international audience.

For instance, if your business is based in France, where French is the primary language, your clients should be able to access your documents in their preferred language.

It’s important to note that localisation is distinct from translation. Translation involves the textual content of a document into the desired language, while localisation encompasses cultural context, values, and language.

A professional financial translation service will take these factors into account.


When it comes to localising financial documents, a specialised native, financial translator plays a crucial role in ensuring that the final translation is accurate, clear, and easy to understand for an international audience.

This expert will analyse the documents and ask questions to clarify any statements that may be ambiguous. The goal is to ensure that the language used in the documents is translated correctly and considers cultural differences and values. The linguist will then undergo the task of translating your documents into your target language. By working with a professional financial translation service agency, you can ensure that your work is localised effectively and accurately, helping to protect the financial value of your clients and your business.


Once the financial linguist has analysed the work and has completed the translation, a native financial proofreader will proofread the work to ensure the textual and numerical content included in the document is completed with 100% accuracy.

Graphical Modifications

Professional translation service providers know the target region’s cultural values and accordingly modify the graphical content, like infographics. These are vital to get right and have huge consequences if not done correctly.

Calendar Assessment

There are several factors to consider when translating and localising a financial document. A financial expert who understands your business model will localise all areas of your document including things like the calendar timelines, including:

• Time
• Date
• Addresses

Importance of Hiring a Translation Service Agency

Certified translation services are essential because they ensure that your official documents are accurately translated and localised for an international audience.

This includes considering cultural connotations which are crucial in ensuring that the financial information is clear, understandable, and relevant to the target audience.

By partnering with a professional financial translation service, businesses can ensure that their financial documents are accurately translated and localised. In fact, there are several benefits of working directly with a translation services agency.


A business may want to give a personalised experience to its customers, for example,

• Emails – Customers receive emails in their preferred language.
• Calls – Customers receive calls from native speakers.
• Usability – Your business website is understandable for a user from a particular target region.

All the above aspects make it easy for your clients to receive your services better.

Gaining Customer Trust

Localising and translating your financial documents help to build trust with your customers.

A trusted customer base is a significant advantage in today’s highly competitive environment. To ensure that you can localise your business effectively, it is essential to partner with the right translation service.

Removing Language Barriers

Potential customers may be interested in purchasing or subscribing to your financial product or service, but language barriers can prevent them from doing so. Communication through language is the foundation of business, and language barriers can hinder success in the international market. With the right financial translation partner, you will never have to face this challenge.

Who Benefits from Financial Translation Services?

Working with a translation service is beneficial for multiple sectors. Here are a few.

International Banks

Expanding a business globally often involves opening a business account with an international bank to facilitate seamless global transactions.

Serving clients from various regions, international banks need to utilise professional translation services to meet the demands of their clients.

Insurance Companies

Multinational businesses typically collaborate with international insurance companies to offer appropriate services to their staff.

Auditing Firms

Registered businesses are often obligated to present an annual audit report. Auditing firms often seek the assistance of a translation service to create reports in their required language.


Investors often utilise financial translation services for their target market to cover various document types. This allows for better communication and understanding, increasing investment opportunities and higher returns.

Tax Advisors

Tax advisors ensure that businesses comply with local tax policies and regulations.

Tax advisors can use financial translation services to translate financial information across a wide range of areas. With the help of these services, tax advisors can continue to help businesses navigate the often complex world of taxes and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.


To ensure the protection of confidential information and maintain the security of sensitive financial data, it’s critical to work with a professional financial translation service that can provide you with a professional and secure service. This guarantees that your client’s or company’s information remains confidential and protected during the translation process.

The last thing you want is for sensitive information to be compromised because of working with a translation service provider that lacks the necessary security measures to keep you safe.


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