Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Serivces

Certified Translation ServicesTranslation Services 24 are specialists in providing Certified Translation Services for individual clients as well as businesses and organisations. The certified translation services we offer are accepted by UK authorities including the Home Office, General Medical Council, NARIC, Courts of Law, future employees, insurance agencies, educational institutions, clubs and other such authorities.

Present in 16 countries and with the head office in London, UK, Translation Services 24 works only with the most experienced and talented translators, ensuring that all translated and certified documents are always 100% accurate and reliable.

Our certified translation services start from £45 and are usually translated within 24 hours. We stamp and sign the translation alongside a letter of authenticity/certification.


Our Certified Translation Services Cover Documents Including:

Birth Certificate TranslationMarriage Certificate Translation
Death Certificate TranslationDivorce Certificate Translation
Academic Certificate TranslationDrivers License Translation
Insurance Documents TranslationAdoption Papers Translation
Medical Report TranslationImmigration Documents Translation

Simple Process

  • Send the document either by email or post (scanned documents accepted).
  • We send back a quotation.
  • Once agreed, we begin the process.
  • You receive the translation on the agreed deadline  (original translation is needed for certification).

Levels of Certified Translation services

A standard certified translation is an appropriate solution in most cases. However, there are different categories of certified translations that are required for different purposes.

Notarised Translations – A notarised translation is usually requested by Government agencies and legal bodies. This process involves a Translation Services 24 representative attending an office of notary to sign and stamp the document. The original document is required for this level of certification.

Apostille – The purpose of an apostille certified translation is if the document needs to be presented overseas (outside the UK). The process is the same as a notarised translation with an additional step of sending the document to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for authentication. This translation is suitable for all countries abiding to the Hague Convention.

Sworn Translation – A sworn certified translation is when the translator has sworn in front of a solicitor and notary office that they have accurately conveyed the translation.

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To find out more information regarding our certified translation services, send your document(s) to info@translationservices24.com and get a quote in minutes. Alternatively give a representative a call on +44 (0)20 8677 3775. We look forward to providing a suitable solution.

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